Samstag, 12. Dezember 2009

Christmas Crackers

Heute habe ich nach Christmas Crackers gesucht und bin dabei über diese Artikelbeschreibung gestolpert:


These are not the standard tat that Woolworths shops used to sell.....oh no....these are from the SUPERVALUE Woolworths range - so they are likely to be even worse quality. These crackers are likely to be the single biggest let down that you are ever likely to experience from a cracker.

From the packet: Each cracker contains a gift, snap, & a motto.

These contents are likely to be so bad that they are good. Add some frivolity to your Christmas table by sharing probably the worst crackers that have ever been made with your family from the defunked company famous for its poor quality goods.

Standard price Woolworths used to charge for these was £1.99 as printed on the packet.

As I am selling these as collectors items I am going to charge a bit more (but not much).

Brand new & still shrinkwrapped.

Happy Christmas to you.

Zu finden hier.

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frl. wunderschoenbunt hat gesagt…


ich wollte nur mal hören ob ihr euren buchclub fortsetzt und wenn ja, wann ihr das nächste buch plant...da wäre ich dann auch gerne dabei :).

schöne grüße!