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How to Arrange for Bail While in Jail

Und wieder beantwortet wikiHow die Frage die wir uns schon immer gestellt haben. Es geht um eine dieser Situationen mit denen wir uns tagtäglich konfrontiert sehen. Was tun wenn man in Gefängnis sitzt und eine Kaution braucht um rauszukommen?

Never cause a problem for the police or booking staff involved with your arrest or booking. Often times, you will need their help in accessing the phone, getting bail bond numbers, etc.

Gute Idee - die braven Gesetzeshüter will man aber doch nie zum Feind haben, egal in welcher Situation, oder?

Find a telephone as quickly as possible.

Auch eine ganz hervorragende Idee. Aber auch Telepathie wäre eine Möglichkeit, die der engstirnige Autor des Artikels wohl nicht bedacht hat...

If you cannot find someone to post your bail, you may be stuck. However, you will get a bail review, usually within 24 hours. At that time, you have an opportunity to convince a judge to lower or eliminate the bail. They are looking for certain things when they make this determination. If you can get an attorney to show up for the bail review, do it. The judge normally looks at the following:

  • Are you local? It's easier to show up for court when you're a local.
  • Do you have a history of failing to appear for court? This will ensure a high or no bail.
  • Did you get charged with a serious offense? Serious offenses have higher penalties, increasing the chance that a person will flee to avoid jail.
  • Are you employed? Unemployed people are generally less reliable and have loose connections to the community, making it easier to pick up and leave.
  • Do you have family obligations? The courts don't want you to lose your job when you've got a family to feed.

Zur Abwechslung mal vernünftig und durchaus zu gebrauchen - danke für den Tip - ich merke ihn mir (für den Fall der Fälle).


  • Don't commit crimes.


  • Don't let another inmate help you arrange bail.

Das musste auch mal gesagt werden. Danke!

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